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......@@ -10,14 +10,13 @@ importing, manipulating, and exporting molecular models.
The Latest Version
The latest version of scoria can be found on the Durrant gitlab under
Visit []( to:
Thorough documenation for the scoria library can be found at
* download the latest version
* read the documenation
* suggest an improvement
* point out a bug
* ask a question about usage
......@@ -32,22 +31,14 @@ pip install scoria
pip3 install scoria
Scoria requires Numpy, Scipy and can utilize the MDAnalysis library
for additional import methods. These dependancies should be
Scoria runs best with NumPy and SciPy. It can also use the MDAnalysis library
for additional import methods. The first two dependancies should be
automatically installed alongside the package.
Issues and Concerns
If you have any implementation questions or have located a bug in the
library, please raise an issue the gitlab page for this project
Please see the LICENCE.txt file
Scoria is released under the MIT License. See LICENCE.txt for details.
Authors and Contacts
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