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Thank you for your interest in contributing! All types of contributions are
encouraged and valued. Please make sure to read the relevant section before
making your contribution. We at the [Durrant Lab]( look
forward to your contributions.
forward to your help!
## Reporting a bug
<!-- * **Do not open up a GitHub issue if the bug is a security vulnerability in
Rails**, and instead to refer to our [security
* **Ensure the bug was not already reported** by searching on GitHub under
[Issues]( -->
If you're unable to find an open issue addressing the bug, feel free to [open
a new one]( Be sure to
include a **title and clear description**, as much relevant information as
......@@ -28,21 +21,6 @@ be closed. If you want to come back to it, reply (once, please), and we'll
reopen the existing issue. Please avoid filing new issues as extensions of one
you already made.
<!-- * If possible, use the relevant bug report templates to create the issue.
Simply copy the content of the appropriate template into a .rb file, make
the necessary changes to demonstrate the issue, and **paste the content into
the issue description**:
* [**Active Record** (models, database)
* [**Action Pack** (controllers, routing)
* [**Generic template** for other
* For more detailed information on submitting a bug report and creating an
issue, visit our [reporting
guidelines]( -->
## Project setup to make source-code changes on your computer
This project uses `git` to manage contributions, so start by [reading up on
......@@ -126,33 +104,11 @@ Changes that are cosmetic in nature and do not add anything substantial to the
stability, functionality, or testability of the program are unlikely to be
<!-- #### **Do you intend to add a new feature or change an existing one?**
* Suggest your change in the [rubyonrails-core mailing
and start writing code.
* Do not open an issue on GitHub until you have collected positive feedback
about the change. GitHub issues are primarily intended for bug reports and
fixes. -->
## Asking questions about the program
Ask any question about how to use the program on the appropriate [Durrant Lab
<!-- #### **Do you want to contribute to the Rails documentation?**
* Please read [Contributing to the Rails
Documentation]( -->
<!-- This program is a volunteer effort. We encourage you to pitch in and join the
Durrant Lab Team -->
## Acknowledgements
This document was inspired by:
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