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# Project Roadmap
This document describes planned updates to the BINANA codebase.
## Port BINANA to the Web
**Projected Dates**: 06/2020-10/202
**Description**: We will port BINANA to the web. BINANA currently requires
Python and the command line. We will use Transcrypt, a Python-to-JavaScript
transpiler, to convert the Python codebase to JavaScript. If these efforts
fail, we will instead use Pyodide.
## Create "Glue Code" so BINANA can Interface with JavaScript Visualization Libraries
**Projected Dates**: 10/2020-12/2020
**Description**: We will create JavaScript "glue code" to integrate BINANA
into two browser-based systems for molecular visualization: the popular
3Dmol.js library and our own ProteinVR virtual-reality web app.
## Crete Online Database of BINANA Descriptors
**Projected Dates**: 1/2020-3/2021
**Description**: We will create an online database of pre-calculated BINANA
descriptors for the protein/ligand complexes catalogued in the PDBbind. This
database will be a useful resource for those who wish to develop generalizable
or target-specific scoring functions to better assess ligand binding.
## Online Help System with Tutorials
**Projected Dates**: 4/2021-4/2021
**Description**: We will create an online help system together with new
tutorials so users understand how the updated software works.
## Publication
**Projected Dates**: 5/2021-6/2021
**Description**: To let the community know about our improvements, we will
publish peer-reviewed manuscripts describing the BINANA updates.
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