Commit b9541802 authored by jspiegel's avatar jspiegel

removed typo blank line

parent 39e70bea
N=[N+]=[N+]=C(Cc1ccc2ccccc2c1)[N+](=O)[O-] naphthalene_32
N=[N+]=Nc1c(N=[N+]=N)c(N=[N+]=N)c2ccccc2c1O naphthalene_22
[N-]=[N+]=NCC[S](O)c1ccc2ccccc2c1 naphthalene_115
......@@ -113,4 +112,4 @@ N=[N+]=Nc1cc2ccccc2cc1N naphthalene_58
CC(=O)Nc1ccc(N=[N+]=N)c2ccccc12 naphthalene_40
N=[N+]=Nc1cccc2cccc(N)c12 naphthalene_54
C#Cc1cc2ccccc2c2ccccc12 naphthalene_80
N=[N+]=Nc1cc(N=[N+]=N)c2cccc3c2c1NC3=O naphthalene_10
\ No newline at end of file
N=[N+]=Nc1cc(N=[N+]=N)c2cccc3c2c1NC3=O naphthalene_10
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