Commit 00c54110 authored by jspiegel's avatar jspiegel

fixed detecting seed mols

parent cd5ac937
* Fixed failure in `$PATH/autogrow4/accessory_scripts/`
to detect source compounds when run had `--use_docked_source_compounds` set
to False. This patched required the added user variable
`--use_docked_source_compounds`. To maintain back-compatibility the default
setting is to auto-detect from the `vars.json` file.
......@@ -540,15 +540,45 @@ def make_ranked_files_mol_dict(vars):
Please make sure input_dir has folders named 'generation_' + int that \
contain .smi files named 'generation_{}_ranked.smi'.format(int) ")
# Add Source compounds
ranked_file_list = list(set(ranked_file_list))
source_compound_file = vars["source_compound_file"]
ranked_file_list = [x for x in list(set(ranked_file_list)) if x is not source_compound_file]
# make a list of molecule information
mol_list = []
for i in ranked_file_list:
# Add Source compounds
source_compound_list = get_usable_format(source_compound_file)
len_of_each_mol_info = [len(x) for x in source_compound_list]
if len(list(set(len_of_each_mol_info))) != 1:
raise Exception("The source compound file is inconsistently with the number\
of columns per line. Please correct this so that each line has the \
same number of columns.")
# If the source compounds were previously docked keep all info because there is docking info
if vars["use_docked_source_compounds"] is True:
# If there are only two columns we assume it is the SMILES and the source name
# Otherwise we print a message saying we are ignoring any additional information
# because the --use_docked_source_compounds==False
if list(set(len_of_each_mol_info))[0] != 2:
print("\nWARNING: There are multiple columns within the source \
compound file ({}), but --use_docked_source_compounds is set \
to False. You will also need to delete the pickled dictionaries \
produced by this script before re-running the script. \n\
We will ignore any information other than the first \
two columns in the source compound file. This may mean that we \
ignore docking scores or use the full-length names of compounds \
in generation zero.\n".format(source_compound_file))
new_source_compound_list = []
for mol_info in source_compound_list:
temp_info = [mol_info[0], mol_info[1], mol_info[1], mol_info[1], None, None]
new_list = []
for x in mol_list:
temp = []
......@@ -796,6 +826,26 @@ def process_inputs(inputs):
# They provided 1 directory up...
inputs["complementary_mol_directory"] = sub_dir
if "use_docked_source_compounds" not in inputs.keys() or inputs["use_docked_source_compounds"] in ["", None]:
# Get whether they used use_docked_source_compounds from vars.json
if "use_docked_source_compounds" in vars_dict:
if vars_dict["use_docked_source_compounds"] in [True, False]:
inputs["use_docked_source_compounds"] = vars_dict["use_docked_source_compounds"]
raise Exception("Please provide the --use_docked_source_compounds setting \
used during the run. We could not auto-detect from the vars file.")
raise Exception("Please provide the --use_docked_source_compounds setting \
used during the run. We could not auto-detect from the vars file.")
if inputs["use_docked_source_compounds"] in [True, "true", "True"]:
inputs["use_docked_source_compounds"] = True
elif inputs["use_docked_source_compounds"] in [False, "false", "False"]:
inputs["use_docked_source_compounds"] = False
raise Exception("Please check the --use_docked_source_compounds setting provided." \
" --use_docked_source_compounds should be True or False.")
# Handle output directory
inputs["output_dir"] = os.path.abspath(inputs["output_dir"]) + os.sep
if os.path.exists(inputs["output_dir"]) is False:
......@@ -879,7 +929,8 @@ def run_everything(vars):
printout = ""
for lig_name in lineage_list:
if lig_name is None: continue
if lig_name is None:
temp = copy.deepcopy(mol_dict[lig_name])
del temp[-1] # remove last item which is rdkit mol
temp = "\t".join([str(x) for x in temp]) + "\n"
......@@ -950,7 +1001,19 @@ PARSER.add_argument(
can also be provided as full-name ie: \
choices=[True, False, "True", "False", "true", "false"],
help="If True source ligands were docked prior to seeding generation 1. \
If True and the source_compound file may already have the docking/fitness \
metric score in -2 column of .smi file.\
If False, generation 1 was randomly seeded by the source compounds with \
no preference and there was no generation 0 testing. \
If not provided this script will autodetect it from the vars.json \
file if possible.",
ARGSDICT = vars(PARSER.parse_args())
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